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Here you will find information about my research and interests in ecology and conservation. I conduct basic and applied research as well as engage multiple stakeholders from the non-academic community in science activities. To do so I use skills in population and landscape ecology, particularly demographic and species distributions models, as well as in science communication.

My main research focus is to understand the effects of environmental variation on the population and spatial dynamics of interactive plant-animal systems. I am particularly interested in experimental tests of questions about the demography and performance of above and belowground plant-animal interactions in pest systems, and their relation to habitat alterations, to find alternative ways for their sustainable management in changing landscapes. I am also interested in vegetation structure and dynamics, and the repercussions of payment for ecosystem services strategies for low-carbon ecosystems.

Picture of an adult Atta leaf-cutter ant nest. I have been studying how road proximity influences the demography and expansion of populations of these native insect pests and ecosystem engineers across the Brazilian Cerrado savannas.

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