The list below numbers my publications in reverse chronological order. It also contains the links to their full-texts in the respective publisher websites. Student names are followed by an *. If for some reason you can’t access the full-text link please contact me with a request for the .pdf version. This list only shows accepted or published work.

14. 2021 – Mundim, F.M., E.H.M. Vieira-Neto, H.T. Alborn, and E.M. Bruna. Disentangling the influence of water limitation and simultaneous above and belowground herbivory on plant tolerance and resistance to stress. Journal of Ecology 109(7), 2729–2739. []. Awarded the 2022 UF/IFAS HIGH IMPACT RESEARCH PUBLICATIONS. Read more here!

13. 2020 – Costa, A.N., J.R. Souza*, K.M. Alves*, A. Penna-Oliveira*, G. Paula-Silva*, I.S. Becker*, K. Marinho-Vieira*, A.L. Bonfim*, A. Bartimachi, and E.H.M. Vieira-Neto. Linking the spatiotemporal variation of litterfall to standing vegetation biomass in Brazilian savannas. Journal of Plant Ecology 13(5), 517–524. []

12. 2020 – Costa, A.N., E.H.M. Vieira-Neto, Bartimachi, A., H.L. Vasconcelos, and E.M. Bruna. Annual litter production in a Brazilian Cerrado woodland savanna. Southern Forests 82(1), 65–69. []

11. 2019 – Costa, A.N., H.L. Vasconcelos, E.H.M. Vieira-Neto, and E.M. Bruna. Adaptive foraging of leaf‐cutter ants to spatiotemporal changes in resource availability in Neotropical savannas. Ecological Entomology 44, 227-238. []

10. 2017 – Mundim, F.M., H.T. Alborn, E.H.M. Vieira-Neto, and E.M. Bruna. A whole-plant perspective reveals unexpected impacts of above- and belowground herbivores on plant growth and defense. Ecology 98, 70–78.  [] 

9. 2016 – Vieira-Neto, E.H.M., H.L. Vasconcelos, and E.M. Bruna. Roads increase the population growth rates of a native leaf-cutter ant in Neotropical savannahs. Journal of Applied Ecology 53, 983–992. [] [Ph.D. Dissertation Chapter]. Highlighted by the University of Florida News! Read more here! Also covered in a cool article at! Read it here!

8. 2016 – Costa, A.N., and E.H.M. Vieira-Neto. Species turnover regulates leaf-cutter ant densities in environmental gradients across the Brazilian Cerrado. Journal of Applied Entomology 140, 474-478. []

7. 2012 – Mundim, F.M., E.M. Bruna, E.H.M. Vieira-Neto, and H.L. Vasconcelos. Attack frequency and the tolerance to herbivory of Neotropical savanna trees. Oecologia 168, 405-414. [ 10.1007/s00442-011-2088-8]

6. 2010 – Vieira-Neto, E.H.M., and H.L. Vasconcelos. Developmental changes in factors limiting colony survival and growth of the leaf-cutter ant Atta laevigata. Ecography 33, 538-544. [ 10.1111/j.1600-0587.2009.05875.x]

5. 2009 – Callis, K.L., L.R. Christ, J. Resasco, D.W. Armitage, J.D. Ash, T.T. Caughlin, S.F. Clemmensen, S.M. Copeland, T.J. Fullman, R.L. Lynch, C. Olson, R.A. Pruner, E.H.M. Vieira-Neto, R. West-Singh, and E.M. Bruna. Improving Wikipedia: educational opportunity and professional responsibility. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 24, 177-179. []

4. 2008 – Costa, A.N., H.L. Vasconcelos, E.H.M. Vieira-Neto, and E.M. Bruna. Do herbivores exert top-down effects in Neotropical savannas? Estimates of biomass consumption by leaf-cutter ants. Journal of Vegetation Science 19, 849-854. []

3. 2008 – Vasconcelos, H.L., A.N. Costa, E.H.M. Vieira-Neto, and E.M. Bruna. Efeitos da herbivoria por formigas do gênero Atta Fabricius, 1804 (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) sobre a vegetação do Cerrado. Pp. 480-494 In: Insetos Sociais: da biologia a aplicação. Vilela, E.F.; Santos, I.A.; Schoereder, J.H.; Lino Neto, J.; Campos, L.A.O. & Serrão, J.E. (Eds.). Editora da Universidade Federal de Viçosa, Viçosa, MG.

2. 2006 – Vasconcelos, H.L., E.H.M. Vieira-Neto, F.M. Mundim, and E.M. Bruna. Roads alter the colonization dynamics of a keystone herbivore in Neotropical savannas. Biotropica 38, 661-665. [Winner, 2007 Award for Excellence in Tropical Biology and Conservation from ATBC]. []

1. 2006 – Vieira-Neto, E.H.M., F.M. Mundim, and H.L. Vasconcelos. Hitchhiking behaviour in leaf-cutter ants: An experimental evaluation of three hypotheses. Insectes Sociaux 53, 326-332. []